New Video and Audio Recordings Available

A week ago I realized that it’s been 18 months since I released Volume II, and nearly a year since I did the presentation for Volume II in Highland, Utah. That footage has been “collecting dust” on my computer all this time.

Additionally, I’ve received several requests to complete the audio recordings for Volume I — which project I haven’t contributed to since mid 2014.

So, I wish to let everyone know that I’ve been working on the audio recordings again — which requires long stretches of completely quiet, uninterrupted time — which everyone who has at least one child realizes is a near-impossibility to find — which means that even if you have only ONE child, and you have ONE single night in a week to stay up very late in order to try to get something done, it will be THAT night that your child can’t sleep and comes downstairs every five to ten minutes and interrupts — or just so happens to get sick and requires your constant attention until the early morning hours.

Or it will just happen to be THAT night that your spouse decides that she wants you to finish something that you’ve put off for a while, and you now have that chunk of free time to do it — or out of the blue she feels compelled to discuss everything that’s been on her mind lately, and you now have that chunk of free time to discuss everything with her.

So, while it shouldn’t take nearly 8 weeks to record 13 additional chapters, reality dictates that it actually does take that long. I’ve currently completed recording all chapters of Volume I to the end of Part 3, and I’ve uploaded them to the books’ website in the audio book section. They can be listened to on the site, or can be downloaded (free of charge).

For any and all who are not aware of this, the videos of my 2013 presentation for Volume I are available for viewing either on the books’ website or at Dailymotion (which I feel is a superior video service to Youtube and yet, sadly, few people are aware it exists). Links to download the videos for free are included on the books’ website.

Additionally, I am also editing and preparing the footage of the Volume II presentation. That will take between four eight weeks to complete. Once that’s done, I’ll also upload those videos to Dailymotion and the books’ website.

Lastly, I’ve been contacted now and then by supporters who have expressed concerns that the books’ website: hasn’t been updated for quite a while. Well, there’s two reasons:

1)  The awesome guy who designed, developed, and helped maintain it for me hasn’t kept in contact with me. It’s been about two years since I’ve heard from him.

2) I’m not a competent web developer. I spent nearly 12 years working in I.T. from 1997 to 2008. What little knowledge of web development I possess is supremely outdated. I’ve modified the site occasionally in small ways over the past 2+ years, but the way I do so is by editing the php scripting in Notepad++ and trial-and-error make small additions or subtractions. It’s a slow process, and I’m sure can be done quicker and effectively with better tools — but I’m not versed in any.

So, if anyone out there would be so kind as to suggest a solution that can help me more-competently edit the website, or would be so kind as to offer their web development expertise to help me out, I’m all ears and thank you in advance.



One thought on “New Video and Audio Recordings Available

  1. Mr. Don, thanks for your work. I discovered the truth of it years ago while “serving” as an embassy officer for the U.S. Army in sub-Saharan Africa. The secret combination, i.e., New World Order, exists in force. The rest of us live on the crumbs and at their economic whim, but through Christ, we shall have the fullness of joy.


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