My name is D. Christian MarkhamImage_DonChristianMarkham2

I have LDS ancestry going back five generations.

I love Jesus Christ. I have created and published two books for His sake:

twochurchesonly.com is the website where you can read these two books for free. Also included on the website are free e-book downloads of the books, as well as presentation videos, audio, and media which supports the content of the books.

If you wish to contact me, you can email me at info@twochurchesonly.com. Please know that I read all of the email I receive, and I try to respond to everything, but my priorities are my wife, my children, and making a living for us. Also note that I tend to write either comprehensive replies, or nothing at all. If I don’t write back, it is not because I’m ignoring you, it is because I dislike sending brief responses (I’m old-fashioned that way)… or I’m just very busy and get backed up. If you really really really want a personal response from me, try emailing me multiple times — it will guilt me into replying.